“Edging Closer to a Marijuana Breathalyzer”

Although “on the spot” devices for measuring THC on the breath are already existent, no one knew exactly how much THC was required to be stoned. Regulators in Colorado set the limit of five nanograms of THC per liter of blood as the amount that means you’re too stoned to drive. Due to the horrible misrepresentations of whether you’re stoned or not, both cannabis and medical communities have denounced the number. Somebody who does dabs frequently could do them all morning and be perfectly sober after they eat lunch. Even though the THC level remaining in that person’s body could be enough to tranquilize a small animal. 

NOpot Without such a device, police officers have to rely on their “keen instincts” to tell if someone is stoned. This means any driver with a pacifist bumper sticker or a Bob Marley shirt will be accused of stoned driving due to “stoner profiling”. Here is the latest research from Ghent: Belgium has developed a sampling method that can pick up aerosolized breath particles to see if you have any THC in your body. It can detect up to three hours after smoking, which means you more than likely have to be high to  give a positive reading. Breathalyzers such as the one developed by Cannabix from Vancouver or the University of British Columbia may one day use this concentration-effect relationship to take more accurate readings of stoned drivers.


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