World’s fastest T-Rex race

Wait what? Yes, T-Rex racing is a thing apparently , and it just might be the greatest race you’ve ever seen! It was 25 participants in T-Rex outfits at a racetrack in Auburn, Washington, to determine the ‘world’s fastest T-Rex’.

The Emerald Downs Racetrack & Casino is a thoroughbred racecourse that usually holds equestrian meets and occasional dog shows, like any other usual racecourse.

That briefly changed when it hosted the bizarre ‘T-Rex race’ between 25 members of a pest control company last weekend

Despite becoming extinct around 65 million years ago, the ‘world’s fastest T-Rex’ was decided when the title went to an unnamed runner wearing number 13, who won by a neck.

The race went down well with observers, with some dinosaur-racing enthusiasts saying they would gladly see the event replace normal horse racing.

Here is a video on the race….


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